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Our Services


Chista Instrument would be so pleased to provide complete package of engineering services for instrumentation and control system to different projects. This package contains all services from detail design up to commissioning well.

  • Process information extraction
  • General instruments specification providing
  • Define design criteria for instrument devices based on project requirement
  • Data sheets preparations based on the international standards
  • Digital communication system design based on the standard protocols
  • Field bus (FF, PA) segments design and calculations
  • Marshalling and power distribution design and calculation
  • Safety calculation
  • MTBF calculations
  • IL study and calculations
  • Control system package design
  • Emergency shutdown system design
  • Fire and gas system design
  • Fire fighting and CO2 panel design
  • Hydro power generating design and calculation
  • Electrical power distribution and control package (PDCS)

SIL assignment and HAZOP study

Safety-related systems serve the function of protecting equipments and industrial processes where danger may occur in case of failure. These systems are not part of the process control system since their purpose is to bring the plant to a safe state in case of malfunctioning. Until a few years ago these systems, for example ESD systems (Emergency Shut-Down), were being designed in compliance with the respective standards in force in the different countries, with no reference to a general normative. This condition is now changing with the introduction of the IEC 61508 and IEC 61511.With these Standards, the most important benefits for the final user are:

  • • A more technical and scientific method in formulating requirements, and specifications in designing process.
  • • A more accurate definition of risk.
  • • A more valid designing of safety-related system.
  • • An easier and wider demonstration of safety-related system effectiveness.
  • • A far more cost-effective implementation of safety-related system.
  • • An easier evaluation and effectiveness of maintenance operations.

The number of manufacturers of equipments complying with this standard is expected to grow. Information provided by the manufacturers make possible to integrate their products in safety-related systems. IEC 61508 is an international standard for the “functional safety” of electrical, electronic, and programmable electronics equipment. At present, in Europe EN 61508 has been issued but not yet acknowledged as European Directive. This standard started in the mi 1980s when the International Electro Technical Committee Advisory Committee of Safety (IEC ACOS) set up a task force to consider standardization issues raised by the use of a programmable electronic system (PES). At that time, many regulatory bodies forbade the use of any software-based equipment in safety critical applications. Chista Instrument is trustable partner for its client to serve them as well as possible.

Procurement Management

Procurement is the most important section can make a project out of any benefits. Chista Instrument has a professional team to manage all procurement services in different parts. Our managing team will help clients to have the best possible and reasonable deals with maximum possible saved value by purchasing from approved vendors with good commercial condition by time and progress monitoring to meet project requirements well. Our clients can have the service in various majors such as mechanical, piping material, instrument, electrical and etc.

Commissioning and Startup

Chista Instrument would be so pleased to provide bellows as commissioning and startup services in a complete package.

  • • Calibration shop immobilization
  • • Calibration works
  • • Transmitters checking and calibration at site
  • • Installation supervision
  • • Wiring and termination control
  • • Power distribution control
  • • Loop check
  • • Wireless check
  • • DCS functions check
  • • HMI control and adjustment
  • • DCS SAT
  • • DCS and instruments as built documentation

Maintenance & Trouble shooting

Chista Instrument would be so pleased to provide bellows in this section.

  • • Annual maintenance and overhaul
  • • Instrument network checking
  • • Devices re-setting
  • • Sensor changing and modification
  • • Instrument calibrations
  • • Power distribution checking
  • • Control loops review and setting up
  • • Marshaling maintenance
  • • Control system logic check and setting up
  • • Control functions modifications
  • • Data acquisition optimization


Chista Instrument has good commercial back ground in close relationship with foreign investors company so helps clients to use their financial facilities in different project in short term usance or long term finance conditions depends on project situation.

The Benefit

The most important benefit for our clients is on time work with minimum price and the best possible quality can makes more value in a project. Our knowledge will guaranty our activities well.

The Market

Our market is new projects most of them are in oil, energy and food industries so can be optimized by our engineering knowledge. We are focused on tank gauging systems too and knew our last experiences will be the best presentation for us.